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Water under laminate flooring

DIY QuestionsCategory: DIY QuestionsWater under laminate flooring
Jason Shotton asked 6 months ago

Discovered that our pipe from kitchen sink has come out from the waste pipe connection. Believe it has been like this for over a week now so there must have been quite a lot of water go under. I’ve fitted the pipe back on and now have a heated fan running with a couple of the floor boards removed.
Is this going to be enough to dry the water out from under the floor?

1 Answers
Jonathan answered 6 months ago

Jason hi
Straight answer is to take the flooring up and allow the substrate (floor below) to dry out. To give you the best advice I really need to know when your house was built, do you know what the floor construction is (concrete or or timber sheet flooring)? What is the existing floor finish (laminate, solid timber flooring or other)
I had exactly the same problem but I need to know the answers to the above first.

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