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Timber Post Fixing to Pre cast concrete Garage Post

DIY QuestionsCategory: DIY QuestionsTimber Post Fixing to Pre cast concrete Garage Post
Phil West asked 5 months ago

I am changing my existing garage doors from steel to timber and need to fix a 91mm x 91 mm timber post to an existing concrete garage post that is 125mm thick. Any idea what would be the best fixings for this. I was thinking of Fischer throughbolts?

1 Answers
Jonathan answered 5 months ago

Phil ‘Fischer through bolts’ or some other suppliers bolts would work BUT unless you already have holes through the concrete you will must probably end up smashing the 125mm concrete if it is a post. Bearing in mind how these posts are manufactured they are strong but brittle and I don’t think would stand the constant percussion of a hammer drill. Unfortunately to test would probably be to damage to destruction.
I appreciate this would be more difficult to do perhaps but you could have manufactured some thin’ish steel ‘U’ brackets that clasp round your 125mm post and then screw onto your 91×91 mm post (allow the glue to dry for 24hrs depending on weather conditions). You would only need  4 of these but use a building glue between the concrete and timber post to take up any movement. Make sure that it is suitable for external applications. Keep the upper and lower fixings just above where each of the hinges are.
If you want a sketch just drop me line here and I will gladly respond

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