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SOS! Restore metal corroded by sodium hydroxide

DIY QuestionsCategory: DIY QuestionsSOS! Restore metal corroded by sodium hydroxide
D asked 4 weeks ago

I just used a sodium hydroxide-based cleaning product, Oven Pride, on our oven and spilled a few telltale drops on the shiny metal handle. Stupid mistake, I know.
The corrosion seems superficial but is extremely visible in the form of discoloured, white stain-like patches. The oven is not ours but our landlord’s, and is fairly new.
I am not sure how to identify the metal. Based on its appearance, as a non-expert, I would have guessed aluminium or stainless steel.
Is there any way I can restore the metal to its pre-spill appearance, or something close to it? I’d be really grateful for your advice.
Thanks and kind regards.

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