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Replace old window flashing without removing windows

DIY QuestionsCategory: DIY QuestionsReplace old window flashing without removing windows
Robin Fuller asked 1 year ago

Last year we moved in to 1979 house in real need of renovation. The first thing was the windows and door. In all my naivety, I didn’t ask Anglian to replace the flashing and now when I look at the row of houses on our street, our looks the odd one out.
Is there any way to replace or even just cover the old flashing to fit in with the neighbours?

2 Answers
Jonathan answered 1 year ago

It is probable that the flashing was only placed there. You should be able to just ‘pull’ out the flashing and then depending on how far under the cill the flashing has been let you might be able to let it under enough to use a ‘Proprietary’ lead fixing. These are a sprung SS V shape which you just push in with a blade ie. a screwdriver. Your main issue will be if the window fixers screwed down through the lead!
Apologies for quality of the attached drawing but I hope this shows you how to do it.
REMEMBER safety is of paramount importance when carrying out this work. A tower would be best erected by a qualified erector.
Many thanks for the attached picture.

Jonathan answered 1 year ago

It has just occurred to me ‘why do you want to replace your old flashing’? Again erect a tower and just clean it up with wire wool and then dress it with ‘patination oil’ that will retain it;s brightness for longer.

Robin Fuller replied 1 year ago

Hi Jonathan, thank you for the helpful advice. I just thought the current flashing looked really dated. However, I’ll probably go with your second suggestion of wire wool and oil, and see how it looks. Kind regards, Robin.

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