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Probably a stupid Angle Grinder question but…

DIY QuestionsCategory: DIY QuestionsProbably a stupid Angle Grinder question but…
spam me asked 5 months ago

I’ve just bought a 125mm AG, it didn’t come with any discs but I have some 110mm/115mm discs – are these safe/ok to use with it?

1 Answers
Jonathan answered 5 months ago

I suspect that the fitting will be different ie. dished or flat so perhaps better to be safe and purchase the correct disc’s for your machine. Usually you get one or two discs free. You can get them quite cheaply on the net.

spam me replied 5 months ago

thanks, I bought a dewalt bare AG which came with no discs or case – I found the answer in the meantime and tried it with the smaller discs, they seem to fit well and i guess the 125mm discs will wear down to that size anyway eventually. Will buy full size going forward but looks good to use up these st

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