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previous owners never removed clear plastic coatings on switchcovers!

DIY QuestionsCategory: DIY Questionsprevious owners never removed clear plastic coatings on switchcovers!
Nancy Pickard asked 4 months ago

So we just bought a house and obviously some years ago new stainless steel socket and switch covers were installed. Trouble is, they never removed the clear plastic protective coating and it has perished and stuck fast: any tips on a solvent or way of removing it, other than chipping it away with a scraper, which is frankly more trouble than just replacing the things!?

1 Answers
Jonathan answered 3 weeks ago

Ummmmm…….. you really need to take the face plates off for this but try WD 40 to act as a solvent to the plastic. It’s non conductive electrically so won’t cause harm BUT keep towling on the floor and Paper on the walls for protection. Use a lolly pop stick as a scraper softly………..
If this doesn’t work get back to me here. I  have another product but it is much more expensive and you will need to remove the face plates

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