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Possible removal of residual asbestos dust

DIY QuestionsCategory: DIY QuestionsPossible removal of residual asbestos dust
Christina asked 4 weeks ago

We previously lived in an apartment where a popcorn ceiling containing asbestos was painted and pieces of the heavy popcorn floated to the floor. And while this work was done prior to moving in we did not think anything of it at the time but have since learned about the dangers about releasing fibers into the air. Since then we moved into a house and naturally dragged most of our belongings with us including a fabric chair and a couch that we had in the apartment which now resides in a sunroom. I am worried that I may have dragged asbestos dust into our new home unwittingly. We do own a very good vacuum with a hepa filter and plan on using it to do a deep clean throughout the house. As for where the furniture was placed we open windows in that room all the time to freshen the air. My question is whether is it safe to use the vacuum to clean the furniture even though the vacuum is not an abatement vacuum as this is the vacuum we use all the time in our home?

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