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David asked 4 months ago

I am considering buying a paint sprayer to paint my house, garden fence and various other jobs. Does anyone have any recommendations and am i restricted to certain paints?
I know you can’t use gloss but fence paint, masonary paint and wood paint … can i use them all in them?
Thanks in advance

1 Answers
Jonathan answered 4 months ago

OK. your right you cannot use gloss, masonary or wood paint. They are all too ‘solid’ and contain a higher proportion of pigments. You need the correct manufacture of fence paint and then a decent airless electric spray gun. I believe some suppliers or merchants do pair up sprayers with paints. Fence paint I doubt you would need to thin as you would car paint. I have sprayed car paint thinned 80/90% in the past but fence paint I suspect is different. Ask your merchant for advice. You should get a waterbased airless electric spray gun for under £30. Don’t forget to use an RCD or RCD outlet and best not to have trailing 240v leads over the garden.
Make sure you check which way the wind is blowing prior to starting and perhaps hold off if the wind is too great.

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