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Matching up kitchen tile grouting colour for repair purposes?

DIY QuestionsCategory: DIY QuestionsMatching up kitchen tile grouting colour for repair purposes?
MRS P MACKENZIE asked 1 year ago

Hello, can someone please help me?  When my kitchen was decorated a few years ago, the newly fitted kitchen wall tiles were grouted in a beigey sort of colour….. I cannot remember where the coloured grout was purchased or whether a white grout was tinted with a colour of some sort????  The problem I now have is that the majority of the tile grout is still perfect but some of it (mainly where the kettle is boiled) has literally cracked and has fallen out at some point  with the same colour as the and I would like to repair the missing grout areas???? I have searched on the internet and the only idea that I have found is to tint a white grout powder with a colour of some sort??? Is there a better way to do this or is this the best way forward and what sort/type of colourant/tint/colour should I chose in order to blend the finished result to the beigey colour that I want (I want to achieve the exact same colour as the original????)  Perhaps there is a professional out there who can advise me as to the best and easiest way to achieve this result???  Many, many thanks for any help that anyone who reads this can gibe me???? (Please)

1 Answers
Jonathan answered 1 year ago

Yes I had exactly the same issue in a house of mine some years ago. The only option I can suggest is taking a piece from the wall and when open again (Pandemic Free) ask for a tile grout colour swatch to see if you can match then colour. Any colour matching could be fraught with disappointment.
Hope this helps its not an easy one to resolve.

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