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Looking for a non-toxic, water-repellant sealant for wooden shelves in a gerbil cage

DIY QuestionsCategory: DIY QuestionsLooking for a non-toxic, water-repellant sealant for wooden shelves in a gerbil cage
Sophie asked 5 months ago

I’m building a wooden “topper”, or cage, to go on top of my gerbil tank. It will contain some wooden shelves, and gerbils like to pee on raised areas, so the shelves need to be sealed. Gerbils also tend to chew wood, so whatever I use needs to be non-toxic. Do you have any suggestions for a non-toxic, water-repellant sealant I could use? I’m in the UK.

1 Answers
Jonathan answered 5 months ago

Sophie not an expert on this but I have been thinking that perhaps you could use an oil that we use on worktops. I use Tung Oil, which is a derivative from Tung nuts. I prepare food directly on the worktops so ‘perhaps’ this should be good enough for pets. I have attached a couple of clips from the internet I suggest you do your own investigation and perhaps ask a vet or pet shop. Notwithstanding sealing the wood or perhaps keeping this base up off the lower deck and put an impervious or sacrificial layer (blotting paper but not) that you can change at will and the base will have air circulating around and can dry naturally. Just an idea but I must stress that I am no expert and you must take responsibility for the product you use. I cannot be responsible for that.
According to the FDA Poisonous Plant Database, the primary toxic agent in tung nuts is an albumin that is not present in the tung oil itself. Tung oil is not toxic, but ingestion of the nuts causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea in mild cases and shock and respiratory depression in severe cases
Pure tung oil is used for finishing kitchen tables, chopping blocks and boards, children’s toys and furniture, and other items that require non-toxic surfaces. Gardeners rub this oil onto their metal tools to inhibit rust, and wooden handles are strengthened and preserved by an occasional coat of tung oil’.
Tung oil can be purchased from any of the ‘Big’ Sheds or smaller ones come to that or any good hardware store

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