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installing 2 pendant lights

DIY QuestionsCategory: DIY Questionsinstalling 2 pendant lights
Tom asked 8 months ago

DIY project in kitchen ceiling of a 2 story home;  Installing  2 pendant lights above an island;  the original lights and wiring exists in ceiling between nearby floor joists.  But, of course, the new lamps will be placed in an adjacent ‘joist channel’, meaning the wiring will be blocked from being re-routed to the ‘joist channel’  that will contain the new lamps. The original fixtures will be removed and the holes sheet-rocked.  Does it sound like a good plan?  I’m hoping to get my drill in between the joists and get a hole through the joists to route wiring.  Is that the proper method?  what other problems am I missing?!!  Thanx for any tips.   tom

1 Answers
Jonathan answered 3 months ago

Tom have you resolved this yet?

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