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I have painted door trim on my doorways

DIY QuestionsCategory: DIY QuestionsI have painted door trim on my doorways
venita c morgan asked 10 months ago

I have painted door trim on my woodwork may be several layers on it inside trim work house is very old i also have dripps of old paint on my wood baseboards how or what do I use to take it off I have tried stripper on them and its so hard to take off is there something I could order thats easier to use

1 Answers
Jonathan answered 10 months ago

Paint on your pld door trim. Best not to have painted them BUT a paint stripper is your only option. Tape were you don’t wannt the stripper. Check the COSH regualations for use of the stripper first.
BY baseboard I think you mean window board. Carefully use a thin ‘trimming’ blade. Take care when using these sharp blades and wear gloves.

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