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Ceiling Painting

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Andrea Aitchison asked 3 months ago

I have my ceiling plastered over a year ago and have been trying to paint it. I have done 2 mist coats, lightly sanded and followed with 3 coats of white emulsion. It is still not covering, what am I doing wrong?

1 Answers
Jonathan answered 3 months ago

Andrea hi
Well in theory you have done noting wrong in my books BUT you say you applied 2 mist coats. How much did you dilute ( what %) the paint by to gain a mist coat? Whst did you use to dilute the paint?
3 top coats is a bit over the top. 2 full coats will achieve a good result.
Which manufactures paint did you use?
Also when you say ‘It is still not covering’ what is your current finish. Are you using brush or roller. If roller a ‘piled’ roller or foam?
If I can have these details I can make further suggestions as to how to get a good result.

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