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Aluclad door frame repair

DIY QuestionsCategory: DIY QuestionsAluclad door frame repair
Brian Moriarty asked 2 months ago

I need to cut out the entire base of the timber part of an Aluclad door pillar as it’s significantly rotted and I need to repair it. I would prefer not to detach the door and was wondering how I might support the pillar from above when base is cut out.

1 Answers
Jonathan answered 2 months ago

Brian the Aluclad frame should be fixed (screwed) in two or three positions on each ali vertical member ( it may be fixed at the head also). You will either see the screw heads or there could be caps covering the screws. These fixings should hold the frame whilst you cut out the cill to replace it. Without a picture I am guessing a bit but I trust that answers your question.
If you cannot see any fixings get back to me with some pictures..jpeg is best format for your picture.

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